So The Pendulum Swings

by Young Adult

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    Kemeys Goethe did the art of Jeremy Shirley's house. Sam, Cory and Caitlin glued these things together and stuff. They're really quite lovely and there are not very many of them. Comes in dark and light. Let us know which one you want. Price includes shipping. We aint looking to profit off your kindness.

    Includes unlimited streaming of So The Pendulum Swings via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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released March 30, 2013

Written and recorded by Young Adult:
Cory Driscoll
Samuel Lloyd
Jeremy Shirley
Kemeys Goethe
Caitlin Dunn
Engineered and mixed by David Settle except Little Extra engineered and mixed by Jeremy Shirley.
Mastered by Jeremy Shirley.



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Track Name: Something It Is Like To Be
the veins in your face bring color and warmth
to the skin which hangs by sinew from bone,
you are alive. you are alive.
and your mother has sworn since day you were born
that you were good and true and there was no one like you,
not alive. you are alive.
now a feverish sweat and an empty cabinet are home
and will likely remain so
alive. you are alive.
and a friend is a foe, so you push and they pull,
but what have you found save the blood on the ground?
you are alive. you are alive.

but how long can it last?
how far can you fall?

Track Name: Want For Change
hope for someone, or something, or someone, i don't know
why i want what i want, but i want to know why i want.

the feeling is the same, but the weight will remain
with the want for change... the want for change.

we speak of the thing, but we don't ever say what
it is what it is, but why is it that which we can never say enough about?
we can never say enough…

but, oh to be free.
Track Name: The Light
hold me, together like a window pane
reflecting what light there within without.
look to the light. look to the light.
correct me whenever i stray the path
and i'll caress you when the days get hard to pass.
look to the light. look to the light.
and when you wake, i'll get up too.
you get the coffee, i'll get the news.
on a porch, growing old with you
every day is a little better view.
Track Name: Fragments In Patterns
the past, it seems to haunt me,
while the future prefers the daunting.
much too often i am stifled
by the line between wrong and right.
do you really know what i mean?
do you really know what i mean?

i never felt i was much as a son,
sure as hell not enough to have one,
but that day is fast approaching,
and a little sooner than i was hoping,
because all i got now is love.
all i can give you is love.

and, "come on child, please try to stay ahead."
"come on child, least try to stay afloat."

so lately, i've been plotting
how to get back what i'd wrong forgotten.
she said, "the future is too uncertain.
it waits behind the present curtain
and you don't know what is coming,
but you don't want to face it alone."

"come on child, please try to stay ahead."
"come on child, least try to stay afloat."

the fragments, they come in patterns
for more like a vision than a thought.
it just so happens in a fashion that might even suggest a god,
but that don't mean that there is.
no, that don't mean there is.

with one eye open, why are you hoping
that you can somehow cheat your end?
best to keep on laughing straight to your coffin.
it don't matter which way it comes
and that is all that there is.
i'm sorry that is all there it.